After mysterious commentary of Prince Harry, suspects that Meghan Markle would be expecting twins increase


Are there twins around? Last week, during an event at Buckingham Palace, Prince Harry said something rather suspicious, which left everyone wondering if Meghan Markle is expecting two babies!

According to The Express newspaper, while talking to veteran war veteran Simon Weston, Harry gave a possible clue about his wife’s pregnancy. “We joked about Wales defeating England in rugby. I also told him and the Duchess that it would be well done since they will have many sleepless nights when the baby is born, “Weston revealed.

According to the veteran, Harry replied with a mysterious comment: “He said that if they have more than two [children], then it will be well done for him.” Is it just a way of talking, or is Meghan really pregnant with twins? In the UK, this is one of the most popular possibilities among the public of the bookmakers.

A source inside the Kensington Palace revealed that the Dukes of Sussex and all royal staff have been on the alert for the last few days. According to doctors, Meghan can give birth at any time: “There were some false alarms when they thought she was in labor and made plans to go to the hospital. It’s been a roller coaster. ” The informant also said the couple even went to the hospital in the middle of the night, thinking Meghan was giving birth but was released hours later.

We are crazy for this real baby to be born soon so that we can drool in the cute photos!

Is Meghan Markle expecting twins? It looks like Prince Harry mistakingly confirm that that is the case. I guess we will need to wait to confirm if this is true.

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