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Tom Cruise has been into speed for decades, from the jets in Top Gun to the cars of Days Of Thunder. He stays true to that in real life as well. Take for example his car of choice, the Bugatti Veyron, which holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest street-legal production car. The Mission Impossible star also has an impressive motorcycle collection. With 10 motorcycles and 9 cars, he is definitely happy with his toys.

Check Tom Cruise cars:

Tom Cruise Bugatti Veyron

The Veyron is among the best cars that have been made yet. Built by VW, just so that they could prove a point. While they did make a loss on every car they made, they still continued to produce them. The Veyron is an engineering marvel. While it happens to be the fastest car in the world, it is still easy to drive.

Power comes from a massive 8.0-litre quad turbo W16 engine that produces 987 Bhp and 1250 Nm. The car has a top speed of 407 km p/h. Cruise owns one, the 16 variant as you can see.

Tom Cruise Ford Mustang Saleen S281

Saleen is a performance company that builds parts for a lot of sports cars. They have also set upup a manufacturing facility and built a super car, the Saleen S7. Ths Mustang in question is the S281 supercharged version which has 400 Bhp on tap and 570 Nm.

Tom Cruise Ford Mustang Saleen (Silver)

Looks like Tom really enjoys his muscle cars, especially the Mustang. He has not one but two of them, both being the same Saleen S281 version. While he has one in silver, he has another one in orange.

Tom Cruise Chevrolet Corvette

The Corvette is an iconic muscle car. Tom owns one, and not just any one. He owns the first generation vehicle, a 1958 model year. Power came from a 4.6 liter V8. However, outputs ranged from 230 to 290 Bhp, based on the model year.

Tom Cruise Chevrolet Chevelle SS

The Chevelle happened to be a 2-door coupe, that was in the midsize class. The Chevelle, owned by Tom was the SS model. Power comes from a 6.5 liter V8 that produces 370 Bhp and 563 Nm. The vehicle was produced between 1969-1977.

Tom Cruise Porsche 911

The 911 has been the flagship of the Porsche range for a really long time. While the vehicle has an iconic shape, something which it continues to have, the vehicle has been getting more and more modern with every passing generation.

The model owned by Tom is the 964 model, which was built between 1989 and 1993.

Tom Cruise BMW 7 series

The 7 Series is BMW’s flagship model. It is also on sale in the Indian market. Since Tom is a part of the Mission Impossible series, which has a tie up with BMW, we see him using the 7 Series. He previously had the last generation one, which he later swapped for the current generation G11 model. The current 7 Series comes loaded with a lot of tech, like gesture control, great surround view camera with multiple modes, as well as auto park, which allows you to move the car remotely, with the help of the key.

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