How Meghan Markle’s Staff Actually Feels About Her

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A few months ago, several rumors were spread alleging Meghan Markle’s staff finds her “difficult” and demanding. Apparently, the Duchess of Sussex’s work at unusual hours, like sending emails at 5:00 A.M., has baffled employees on more than one occasion. I cannot say that having a boss doing that bothers me at all, quite on the contrary, I think is cool that your boss works when he/she likes, what is not cool is if he/she expects that you will be working at whenever he/she is working, and I am sure that Meghan, nor Harry are that type of people. Let’s be clear when did being a workaholic become a bad thing? The answer is simple, never if you treat your team with respect. A royal source told Elle, what we already have been saying for a while, that stories about Meghan Markle mistreating royal staffers are completely false. In fact, the duchess Meghan Markle is well-liked by the people she works with, and they’re excited by her fresh perspective.

Not only that, but Markle is being working hard to learn about royal protocol and takes her new gig within the royal sphere seriously. According to Elle‘s source, she’s also been receptive to the people on the inside helping her adjust.

Lastly, as we have already said, all those rumors about Markle and Kate Middleton feuding and fighting al also false. The source told Elle they’re not true, either. Actually, Kate and Meghan have enormous respect for each other and are both devoted to representing Her Majesty the Queen in the humanitarian and charitable work they do.

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