Is Selena Gomez dating? She went to Disney with a “new” guy

Who spotted Selena Gomez at Disneyland last night?!

One picture has raised fans’ suspicions about a possible new romance. Selena Gomez was photographed leaning on a male pal at Disneyland over the weekend, what do you think?

Selena Gomez decided to take a break on the weekend to have fun with some pals. The singer was spotted at Disney’s Anaheim with a mysterious guy. Fans began speculating that she might be her new boyfriend since she looked comfortable and happy next to the boy. But People magazine stated that Selena liked the theme park on Sunday (5) with a group of friends, and the guy who was with her down and up is just a friend. Wearing a hooded black sweatshirt, she was seen resting her head on his friend’s shoulder when they were together in a toy. Gomez preferred to keep a low profile during the ride, and spent all his time wearing sunglasses and the hood on his head.

This was probably the reason she stopped attending MET Gala on Monday (6/5). Good, so far, okay, right? But it looks like the party is generating frills, see? A paparazzi caught the singer in a situation that made the fans start believing that the queue could have walked to her and that she would have found a new dating.

In fact, it’s still all speculation and it may be that Selena and the boy are just good friends, right? Anyway, we want only the best for our idol. Let’s follow the next chapters of this novel.

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