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Kate Middleton is back after maternity leave

Kate Middleton back from maternity leave

Kate Middleton came back from maternity leave around October 2018, six months after giving birth in April to her third child, Prince Louis. And it looks like that the Duchess of Cambridge is in full motion. There is no question that Kate is transforming into the kind of Queen that all the British people are looking for.

The British Royal Family is taking further steps into its needed modernization that will allow its survival throughout the Twenty-first Century, the last step was when Prince Harry married Meghan Markle. We are seeing a much younger royal order starting to take place, that started with Kate and now continues with Meghan’s arrival in the British Royalty family. Meghan’s arrival will mean changes for the Windsor and especially for Kate.

Since October, Kate has been displaying a new sense of confidence. You can see that everywhere she attends, from when she was with impish children at a “wildlife garden” and “boldly taking the brush” to contribute to a painting in progress at the inaugural Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit in London with Prince William. Also, at Eugenie’s wedding, Kate rested her hand on her husband’s upper tight in Windsor Castle,  hardly scandalous, but not a common sign from the future Monarchs of England, a good down to earth and more modern signs which will be good for the future evolution of the Monarchy in England. Kate did a great job at her first solo appearance as royal patron of the Photography Centre at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Prince William and Kate have been married for 7 years, have 3 kids, have done several royal tours and many walkabouts. During these years they’ve been showing a perfect evolution as a couple, family and individuals. Kate has slowly evolved from being the new kid in the block to senior Royal person if you would like to call it that way. She is no longer the commoner who married the future King of England and is the mother of the future King as well.

While some media outlets are speculating about a rivalry between Meghan and Kate, we think that this is far from the truth, just consider:

  • Kate is a mom of three kids, including a future King of England. There is no job more important than being a mother and raising your kids and if one of those kids is a future King, you can imagine how important her role as a mother must be.
  • Even though she has been labelled work-shy in the past, the reality is that the media is not considering the amount of time she dedicates to her kids, so I am sure she is not work shy. As we all know raising kids can be a full-time job, and if you are talking about raising a future King, the job most probably even more demanding. You may argue that she has a lot of help, which is true, but that does not mean that as a mother she does not have to dedicate time to raising her kids. As we all know a mother’s job is maybe the least remunerated (if talking about money), but the most important and probably the one that will bring you biggest gratification.
  • Kate is thankful that Meghan is Prince Harry’s wife because Meghan will be relieving her of some of the scrutiny and spotlight she has gone through. This is just happening at the right time.

Furthermore, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle may have differences, but those differences should not be seen as negative, but as a positive thing because it represents an opportunity to leverage each other. While Meghan is the hipper and edgier princess, a royal who identifies proudly as a feminist, Kate can appear staid and conservative, from her clothing choices to her restraint in public speeches. This difference allows them to leverage each other in a good way. Kate and Meghan will always be different, Kate is married to the future king, and is the mother of another future king, while Meghan is married to the famous sixth-in-line to the British Throne. By combining their capabilities will probably allow the British Royalty to be a lot more down to earth and in a better position to the challenges that the 21st Century will bring to UK.

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