Meghan Markle make her own make in real events


Do you identify yourself with Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex?

When we think of royalty, it is normal to imagine only very luxurious and expensive things, right? But Meghan Markle has sometimes proved that it is not quite so.

We have shown that the Duchess of Sussex, for example, loves to wear cheaper clothes and beauty products. And there’s another: she usually does the make-up and does her own make-up!

Although this is not a new thing in the British Royal Family, since Kate Middleton made up on her own wedding day, Meghan was not influenced by her sister-in-law. In fact, the reason is quite simple (and old): she likes to do it!

Who remembers when she dressed in a moving car?

A source close to Meghan who guaranteed it to Us Weekly: “She likes to make her own. It has nothing to do with Kate. ” But that does not mean it’s always like this: “Meghan has her makeup done by a professional on special occasions, but she likes to do it herself.”

Looking at the productions she has already used, we can say that the duchess rocks with the brushes, don’t you agree?

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