Meghan Markle will prevent her father from knowing the baby

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Meghan Markle will prevent her father from knowing the baby, the royal family considers Meghan Markle’s father an opportunist.

Meghan Markle would have made a very difficult decision regarding the future son/daughter.

According to RadarOnline, the Duchess of Sussex will prevent her father, Thomas Markle, from meeting the baby, as the royal family considers him an opportunist. Wow! Is there going to be another fight between them?

We know that their relationship is very troubled, so much so that Thomas did not attend the marriage ceremony with Prince Harry.

A source close to royalty said the future grandfather “is doing everything he can to get a ride on fame.” To the informant, the Duchess is doing this to save her situation with the royal family.

The person further concluded: “He has zero chances of seeing this child. Meghan’s father was nothing but an embarrassment to royalty. “

Guys! Is it going to be that way? We have to wait for the baby’s birth, which is expected by the end of April.

We are very excited!

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