Partnership between Ariana Grande and Victoria Monet to be launched next week

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande

Yey! Do you remember the new song that Ariana Grande presented during the Sweetener Tour?

The singer said she did not know when we could have this song in hand, but she announced that something new is coming. A partnership with Victoria Monet will be released next week!

Is this a signal of a new hit coming?

Ari wrote on her Twitter: “Dude, let’s release this tomorrow night, Victoria Monet. Seven Rings is almost beating 8 weeks at number one [of the charts] and the album can return to the first position as well. We need to celebrate, to be honest! Life is too short and too sweet now. ” The friend replied by saying that she thought it best to launch on Monday, to celebrate the 8 weeks. Uhul!

The best thing was that the singer forgot that the track is not yet finished, but was excited about the possibility of giving this news to the fans: “See, that’s why I can not go on Twitter anymore. I get very excited and say things I should not. However, second is right there! We love you”. Cute! The new song takes the name of Monopoly.

Is there any inspiration in the board game?

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