Queen will be informed of the birth of the baby before Harry

meghan and queen

Normally, the child’s father is the first to be informed of the birth, but in royal the protocol dictates that the Queen be the first to know.

The rule of the protocol of the British royalty dictates that Queen first becomes aware of the birth of the new real baby.

If so, the birth of Meghan Markle baby would have been known to the British monarch even before his father, Prince Harry.

“The queen will be the first to know about the baby’s birth,” a source told the Daily Express.

However, the rule may be broken if Prince Harry attends the birth, something that may happen, since Meghan Markle intends to have a “more conventional” delivery.

There are several rules of protocol that the former actress may break, particularly as regards the place of birth, which the international press reports the Duchess of Sussex intends to do at home and not in a hospital.

Another change is the fact that there is not the traditional official announcement at the time of the baby’s birth, something that the couple has already communicated that they intend to do “in their own time” after having enjoyed “privacy” also will not be photographed exiting the maternity ward, unlike what happened to the three children of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

It is recalled that the due date of the birth of the baby is expected by the end of this month.

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