Selena Gomez concerned about the youth in social networks


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The artist, along with part of the cast and crew of the film “The Dead Do not Die“, participated in the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. At the event, Selena Gomez talked about her participation in the film and opined on the message behind: “Social networks have been terrible. ” The singer and actress still comments that she does not know what can be done to reverse this situation.

Selena Gomez has spent an almost whole life suffering from the invasion of privacy, has not she? And one of the big culprits of this, whether you like it or not, is the internet and its social networks. And now, at the age of 26, she’s feeling it much more strongly than when she’s younger. In her passage to the Cannes Film Festival, the artist talks about how these media are harmful to her generation.

“The world is going through a lot of things now, and what Jim (Jarmusch, director of the feature film) conveys in this film is” The Dead Without Dying, “his new film. that social networks have been terrible for my generation, “he says. In addition, Selena talked about the “proliferation” of fake news around the world. “I’m scared to see how young people are exposed. It’s dangerous that people do not have the right information.”

The biggest problem? There is not much that celebrities or big companies can do to protect young people directly: “It’s almost impossible, there’s nothing to block (content). Young people are exposed immediately,” Selena says.

“The Dead Do not Die”
The new Selena Gomez movie shows strange things happening in a small town; the moon, for example, becomes omnipresent, the animals begin to behave in a strange way … and the villagers discover that the dead are SIMPLY coming out of their graves to kill them! Light, right? The bizarre thing is that these zombies are mumbling words like “wi-fi”.

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