Selena Gomez created a look inspired by Jennifer Aniston


If you still had doubts that the 90’s really coming back to stay, this black and white Selena Gomez production definitely proves that the trend is going strong and strong!

The actress wore a pantacourt overcoat over a white T-shirt and completed the visual with a cap facing back, round glasses with a coloured lens, white sneakers and a large black bag. The perfect version of a 90’s look!

And there’s more: when we saw this photo of Selena, we immediately remember Jennifer Aniston in the movie Passion for the Occasion, released in 1997. Jennifer was the icon of style at that time!

The differences between the productions of the two are few. Selena wore a jumpsuit, instead of a dress, and a leather bag, instead of the black and brown knit piece of the actress of Friends. In fact, even the hairstyle stayed the same!

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