Selena Gomez hints about her new album


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In an interview with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Selena Gomez revealed that her new album is ready! “Are you working on a new album?” Asked Jimmy and the singer gave the best possible news: “Actually, I’m done.” Perfect! Besides this novelty, Sel still gave more details about the production.

“I have to do a few things to finish, but I’m relieved. It took me 4 years to even feel in a good place with this album, “commented Selena. She still explained why it took her time. “It’s because I had great moments in my personal life, which was like, ‘How am I going to capture this?’ And ‘How would I really feel good about what I was saying?’ So I went on and I’m relieved now, ‘”he said.

Success! Selena also said that pop will be very present in the songs since it is part of his style, but guaranteed that we will have some new compositions. “I’ve definitely explored more with guitars, more soul instruments underneath everything, guitar … Everything hits different places that I feel are my area in music,” he said. Oh my God, we’re too anxious!

When will it launch?

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