Selena Gomez erases the last photo she had with Justin Bieber


Selena Gomez erases the last photo she had with Justin Bieber. She was very busy this weekend. she decided to erase the last record she had with Justin Bieber, which she congratulates for her ex-boyfriend in March 2018. After seven years between comings and goings, the lovebirds are no longer together. The singer is already married to model Hailey Baldwin.

Why Selena Gomez Instagram does not have a photo of Justin Bieber anymore?

Well, this is a case that only Selena can answer the reason for having taken such an attitude after so much time. It seems that the singer is moving forward with her life and the good times she had next to Justin Bieber remain only in his memory, without having to show it to the public.

The actual/official split between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez took place in March of last year. However, JB started dating Hailey Baldwin in June and, without wasting time, the lovebirds were already engaged in July. In September, the cats were still married in the notary’s office! All this movement may have caused a tumult in the life of our eternal Alex Russo.

Selena wrote a cute statement to her ex, Justin Bieber. “March 1, 1994, someone I knew and I knew was super cool born. Boom,” wrote the singer with a polaroid record with the photo of JB on her forehead.

And over the weekend, the singer’s fans realized that this iconic photo, which was on Selena Gomez’s Instagram, was simply gone! The singer deleted – or filed – the photo that congratulated Justin. Check out her feed now:

So, what did you guys think about that? Would you rather keep your ex pics or delete them?

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