Selena Gomez wore a necklace with a feminist meaning

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez wore a necklace with a feminist meaning and almost no one noticed.

During the premiere of her new film, “The Dead Do not Die,” Selena Gomez wore a necklace with the year 1973 in the pendant. The date left the crowd rather pensive, but the mystery has already been revealed. The jewelry has a special meaning, referring to the reproductive and health rights of American women. Come and learn more!

The release of the movie “The Dead Do not Die”, with Selena Gomez, gave what to speak. But not only has the singer mentioned preparations for the release of her next studio album. A detail in the “I Can not Get Enough” voice look made the crowd curious. We discovered the meaning behind the necklace worn by Selena and no one could imagine!

Selena reveals pro-abortion discreetly
The whole mystery revolves around the year 1973 present in the jewelry pendant. It turns out that this year was a milestone for women in the United States and their rights to choose what to do with their bodies. That year, the US Supreme Court made abortion a constitutional one in the country because of the Roe v. Wade, in which a woman had become pregnant after an abuse and fought for the right not to carry the pregnancy forward.

The necklace, by designer Sophie Ratner, was made in partnership with Physicians for Reproductive Health, a group of doctors who organize actions to guide women in health-related rights, including abortion.

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Other celebrities have already spoken out in favor of legalizing abortion
Wearing the jewelry was a very delicate and discreet way for Justin Bieber’s ex to bring up such an important subject, right?! But the singer was not the only one to speak about it. Miley Cyrus also participated in a bill that said abortion is a matter of care. After all, thousands of women abort around in precarious, high-risk situations.

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