Signs that Duchess is the one who writes in on Instagram


Nothing is beaten by royalty fans! Recently, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle joined Instagram through the profile “Sussex Royal,” in which they share important moments of their work as representatives of the British monarchy.

So far, the account has 12 publications and more than 4.7 million followers – 1 million were won in just the first six hours, a world record – success, right?!

However, according to ET Online, the public is suspicious that whoever is behind the communication vehicle of the Dukes of Sussex is none other than Meghan herself!

Experience in the subject, the Duchess has: Before meeting Harry, Meghan was in the social network and maintained for three years a site focused on fashion, travel, and lifestyle, called “The Tig”.

Suspicions of the public came due to some small details in the Sussex Royal profile posts. Although Americans and English people share the same language, some expressions and words are different.

For example, Americans write “organization” and “re-energized,” while members of the United Kingdom write “organization” and “re-energized.” In Meghan and Harry’s Instagram, we find the two forms being used.

In one post, “Sussex Royal” also used the word “diapers” for diapers, while English people often use “nappies”. Fans still noticed the use of emoji – something unheard of in other royals – and references to both pounds and dollars to talk about donations. To complete whoever is behind the account, use the word “you” to talk directly to the public, choosing unusual among other monarchy accounts.

Of course, all of this may be intentional, specially designed to please the couple’s fans around the world and celebrate Meghan’s roots, in order to show that she has not forgotten where she came from. But we bet the duchess is managing everything very well…

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