Taylor Swift starts new colorful phase with ‘Me’

Taylor Swift

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Singer releases single with Brendon Urie, Panic leader! At the Disco. Music has happy irony, and it’s well ‘my life is a musical’, from the clip ‘over’ to the exaggerated arrangement.

  • Much was said about what the new phase of Taylor Swift would be like:
  • Would she remain sullen and complaining, as in the album “Reputation” (2017)?
  • Would it be light, loose and pop, as in the album “1989” (2014)?
  • Or would it be a return to the beginning more country?

None of this. As for “Me”, the new Taylor comes very colorfully, with a happy irony, well “my life is a musical”.

The song released this Friday (26) by the American singer of 29 years has arrangement with martial band, wind instruments and clip a little “over.”

There are so many elements and absurd special effects that the video recalls a cute version of what Linkin Park and Creed committed in the 2000s.

“Me” is like a Jackson Five after a cotton candy overdose. Everything combines with the presence of Brendo Urie, leader of Panic! At the disco. He is a gifted ex-emo and always exaggerated in his gestures and vocals.

A risky refrain

Taylor ventures into the chorus, very difficult to be sung, with difficult notes. You have to have the ability to repeat.

Many hip pop artists today, such as Drake and Post Malone, make easy-to-sing, more babbling songs. Today, it is less common to have such a complicated vocal melody in the chorus at the top of the charts.

On the other hand, “Me” seems the trail of a musical created by the unicorn-themed party. Which is pretty pop and is up.

Even more so when he remembers that the track of the movie “The King of Show” with Hugh Jackman was at the top of last year’s best-selling lists in the US and UK.

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