The Bachelorette’ 2019, Season 15 Spoilers, Why Hannah’s Bachelors are quitting


Hannah Brown’s The Bachelorette Season 15 is seeing two unexpected departures in a row; Tyler G. left off-screen in Episode 3, and Luke S. in Episode 4. Luke S. leaves probably because of the potential affection that Hannah’s seems to have with Luke P..

Furthermore, if these spoilers are as correct as everything else so far this season, Luke Stone leaves of his own accord during the cocktail party. According to Reality Steve blog, we lose Matteo Valles and John Paul Jones during the rose ceremony.

Episode 4 promoted that the guys will have a rugby match in the June 3 New England-based episode. Luke P. is part of the blue team that reportedly defeats Luke S. and company on the green team. According to spoiler guru Reality Steve, Kevin Fortenberry gets injured and is taken away in an ambulance in the promo. It’s during this date that things get heated between the two Lukes. The promo did show Luke S. telling Luke P. karma is a bitch and he’d get his.

It looks like the Hannah Brown’s “The Bachelorette” 2019 season will maintain the longlasting tradition of one season’s villain on the two-on-one date will remain there during this season too. But, this time instead of a two-on-one date there will also be a three-on-one date, and both will involve Hannah’s impression rose winner about Luke Parker.

As per spoiler blogger Reality Steve, Luke P., Peter Weber, and Garrett Powell will be invited on the three-on-one in episode 7. It is during this date that they’ll “weigh cheese” in the Netherlands while fighting for a rose and Hannah’s heart.  It is rumored that Hannah will gift Peter with a rose, keeping him safe ahead of the hometown dates episode and leaving Luke P. and Garrett to battle it out for the final rose.

The Bachelorette Episode 4 promo hinted to Luke P. drama lasting a long time this season, which also fits with Reality Steve’s spoilers on the very dramatic final 4 situation, and who Hannah ultimately picks. She is said to be engaged right now to one of the guys we’re watching on screen, but it’s reportedly not the guy we were originally led to believe she’d pick. Kinda glad about that now. Despite Luke’s actions, it appears he wins over Hannah as the blogger reports he is the second one to receive a rose on the date. Luke P. will continue on to hometowns before he is eventually eliminated.

The Bachelor franchise has a long history of quitters and, at this point in 2019, there have been so many self-eliminations it’s not shocking anymore. Time was, it was a big deal when, say, Ali Fedotowsky quit Jake Pavelka’s season of The Bachelor at the final 4 because she had to choose between the show or work. She picked work — and then picked The Bachelorette when ABC called, and then had to watch one of her final 3, Frank, quit the show for his girlfriend back home.

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