The Jonas Brothers documentary, Chasing Happiness

Jonas Brothers, Chasing Happiness

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The biggest revelations in the Jonas Brothers documentary, Chasing Happiness.

The Jonas Brothers documentary, Chasing Happiness, was released and it is far more exciting than the fans imagined. In it, we can see how Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas formed a band, broke up and reunited again after six years.

The one-and-a-half-hour film features several interviews and also shows much of the brothers’ intimacy. So we did a story that brought together his greatest revelations.

1. Nick almost died before being diagnosed with diabetes. He was drinking too much soda and losing a lot of weight, and when the family went to the doctor, their pediatrician cried and told him to go to the hospital immediately. Glad he recovered, right?

2. The fact that the brothers became teenage rock stars (instead of starting a gospel band) made their church go against it. This caused their father, who is a pastor, to lose his job. This means that they lost the house and moved to a place with two bedrooms (the family has six people). Besides, they too were bankrupt. The band made presentations at malls in the morning until Disney called.

3. The Year 3000 was a song and a clip that Columbia Records never wanted to release. When they moved to Hollywood Records, the song often played on the Disney Channel and made the JBs very popular.

4. Originally, the role in Camp Rock was only Joe Jonas. But the boys’ father called the Disney Channel executive and suggested they hire the whole band.

5. After meeting Miley Cyrus, Nick started writing about love and felt it for the first time. Meanwhile, Kevin was already watching his future wife. There’s a very cute recording of him on the phone with her while Joe and Nick say what he has to say

6. In a game with drinks, Nick said that his biggest regret was the second season of Jonas because the series was no longer what they were like a band.

7. The chastity rings made the brothers crazy, especially since it was something they did as children (because all their friends did) and everyone made that a joke.

8. Joe and Nick did not want to participate in Kevin’s reality show (Married to Jonas), but the brother loved the show because it was his alone.

9. They originally reunited the band after a brief time because they felt they had to do this, but at the time they hated each other. After a long drive with his father, Nick told Joe and Kevin that the band was over and they were devastated. Joe said he felt betrayed and heartbroken!

10. After the band was gone, Joe and Nick told Kevin not to go to a concert in December 2013 because they were only going to play solo songs. However, they ended up singing some Jonas Brothers hits without him. Joe said he felt Kevin, who was focused on starting a family at the time, was holding them back and had not yet learned to balance the time between the family and the band.

“I needed time to understand, to have someone in my life, I would do anything to see Sophie for an hour,” Joe said during the game with drinks.

The brothers did not see each other again for months until Kevin’s daughter was born in February 2014.

Joe, Nick and Kevin say that focusing on themselves and their love lives has helped them return.

Joe said of Sophie: “The impact of falling in love made me want to be a better man, a better person, and a better brother.”

Nick said about Priyanka, “The time we spent apart was needed, I was able to explore creatively and experience things I’ve never done before.” I was feeling inspired and it helped me find something bigger than I could imagine: love. love has changed my life forever. “

12. Frankie Jonas is the biggest fan of the Jonas Brothers, according to Frankie Jonas. He knows all the songs! This was revealed during the credits, which show Frankie’s only interview.

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