What will be the name of Meghan Markle’s baby?


Meghan Markle is expecting a baby soon and the experts and betting sites are already speculating around the possible names, most believe in Diana, Victoria or Alice for a girl. Arthur, Albert, and Philip are the first choices for a boy.

It’s time to be the baby of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Planned to arrive even during autumn in UK spring, bets on the seventh name in the British succession line are running on the specialized sites – and even include unusual options such as “Donald” and “Brexit.”

For Professor Pauline MacLaran of Royal Holloway, University of London, Meghan and Harry can “go a less traditional way” than their brother, William, by the name – for it is unlikely that the younger prince will ever become king. “Of course the queen still has to approve, so that will limit them,” MacLaran says.

It is unlikely that the couple will choose a modern name for the baby. There is a tradition in the royal family of naming names other people of the royal family. They are holding information, the sex of the baby, to make birth an event. We don’t think they would use the capitalization of the event to shock too much with a very modern name.

We gathered expert opinions and bets made at three sites: Ladbrokes, William Hills, and Betfair. See below for some of the possibilities for the name of the next great-grandson of Queen Elizabeth II.

If it’s a girl …


It is the highest rated name on the Ladbrokes and William Hills websites, and is ranked second on Betfair. The Roman name for the moon goddess, hunting, forests and childbirth would be a tribute to Harry’s mother, who died in 1997.

Despite the stakes, MacLaran believes the choice is unlikely. “It was already used as one of the middle names of Princess Charlotte. It would also be a huge burden to put on the child, since it would certainly always be compared to the namesake,” he says.

We also do not believe in this option. We have one foot behind because of the bad relationship Diana had with the royal family. She was regarded by the Queen as persona non grata, and there is all that controversy about her death, but she is Harry’s mother. She was not honored until today.


He is first placed in the William Hills betting, second in Ladbrokes and third in Betfair. “Victoria” would be a tribute to the queen associated with the British Empire – a time of great economic progress and industrial development.

The name has great chances, says Portela. “It was a very remarkable queen, a reference in history, and with whom the British have a certain empathy.” They are very much recognized in the reign of Queen Victoria, it is the same thing when we speak in Brazil of the Getúlio Vargas government, “he says.


Third, in the bets of the three sites – others in the same position include Grace and Isabella -, “Alice” is the other possibility quoted by Portela. Princess Alice, the aunt of Elizabeth II, died in 2004, two months before turning 103.

Princess Alice, who was Duchess of Gloucester, was an aunt of Queen Elizabeth II, had a lot of affection for the Queen, and always had a very important political role within the family. It is a person who could be honored.

The name was also one of the most popular in England and Wales in 2017, according to the latest survey by the National Bureau of Statistics, released last year: ranked 17th.

If it’s a boy …


The name is one of the top bets on the sites – it appears first in William Hills and Betfair, and second in Ladbrokes. Arthur was the last name of King George VI, father of Queen Elizabeth II. It is also the middle name of Prince Louis and one of the names of Prince William.

“Many people have commented that it could be a reference to King Arthur, of the Knights of the Round Table there in the fifth and sixth centuries, but it should not have much foundation in that. Arthur should be a tribute to Queen Elizabeth’s father – the great-great-grandfather of the baby.I would, of course, put Arthur [among the favorites].


Despite the strength of “Arthur”, another possibility is born a boy, believes Portela, is “Philip” – for being the name of the husband of Elizabeth II, future great-grandfather of the new member of the royal family. It is also one of the names of Prince William.

Pauline MacLaran is skeptical of the name. “I doubt that they will choose more obvious names, like Albert or Philip. I think Meghan will influence a lot in the choice, so they are likely to choose a traditional name but it is also” fashionable “- then popular names such as Benjamin, Alexander or Michael may be possibilities, “he says.

While in Ladbrokes Philip appears tied first (along with “Albert”), in the William Hills falls to second place (with “Edward” and “James”). In Betfair bets, however, the name is not among the top three.


For Pauline MacLaran, “Alexander” is a well-priced option for the baby. The idea, he says, is “that they choose an original but relatively traditional name for the first name, to please the queen.” And then nod to Meghan’s inheritance in the various middle names that are expected, “he says.

This is also the second name of Prince George – which does not eliminate the possibility of being used by the cousin. George’s third name, for example, is Louis, like his brother’s, born last year.

On the betting sites, Alexander reaches second place on the Betfair podium and is third in Ladbrokes and William Hill. The name, by the way, loses to another good possibility – “James”, who is first in Betfair and second in the other two. This, however, has already been used recently for a grandson of the queen: the son of Prince Edward, born in 2007.

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