Who Wins The Bachelorette Season 15 and Hannah Brown’s Heart?


Hannah Brown is a former beauty queen from Alabama and is this year Bachelorette. As every year we all try to anticipate to what the season will end, here is what we know.

The final selection

According to Reality Steve, our final rose recipient is…Tyler Cameron (Tyler C.). Apparently, they are reportedly already engaged. “I’m confident in what I’ve been told enough to report today,” said Reality Steve, noting there’s a lot of rumors and hearsay floating around about this season especially.

Taylor C. is kind of a quiet guy so far, we’ve got little information about him, just what is shown in a short video and that football was a big part in his life since he was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens but his career ended because of an injury. Maybe he is staying with a low profile on purpose, we will find out as the season evolves.

Hannah knows what she wants.

She took all of them to Greece, and just before overnight dates, something happened with Luke since Hannah sent him home before the main event. Apparently Luke came to talk to Hannah after the final three rose ceremony to chat with her, but she remained unconvinced. Clearly, Luke Parker was eliminated in dramatic fashion. The top two guys were Jed and Tyler.

Too much drama from the guys

John Paul Jones is just one of many strange bachelors. He acts very weirdly, he let Hannah cut his hair and he almost cried about it in a scene that was deleted from Episode 2.

We cannot forget of the playing rough guys: Luke S. and Luke P. at the rugby match to be aired June 3rd. Luke P. has been very controversial from the start, although Reality Steve insists that the villain edit on Luke is mostly because the other bachelors didn’t like him.

The final two guys, Jed and Tyler, both got their one-on-ones in episode 4 (more details below) and they both seem like a refreshing gust of air compared to some of the others. Maybe that’s why they did so well—TBD.

When asked post-show if she was in love, Hannah didn’t say yes.

Uh oh. In an interview with People, Hannah was asked if she was in love. “I am…happy,” she responded with a smile. Maybe she is not allowed to answer the question, but the way she answered is not a great sign. Previous contestants have admitted that they were engaged and have absolutely been more forthcoming about their emotional status.

Hannah said in an Instagram post that she was “recovering,”. Hannah may just be acknowledging what other bachelorettes have said before, which is just that this is an INTENSE process. Hannah admits below that dating so many guys at once is hard (especially since this season’s men seem like a lot to handle, tbh).

A final rose ceremony did happen.

Reality Steve says it happened the week of May 6—because overnights were happening the week before. So Hannah “chose” someone, definitively

We’re seeing footage from upcoming episodes.

There are two other initial promos that give a little more into what we can expect from Hannah’s season

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Hometown dates happened!

As expected, Tyler, Jed, Peter Weber and Luke P. all made the cut. There is not much gossip about Peter W. but you never know, we will need to wait and see. There is footage of Jed Wyatt’s hometown date with Hannah in Knoxville that shows off their chemistry. There aren’t too many details around their date, other than they met up in Market Square.

Check the fan picture of Tyler Cameron and Hannah in Tyler’s hometown of Jupiter, Florida.

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