Who would be the new BFF of Meghan Markle


If it depends on Queen Elizabeth II, Meghan Markle’s new BFF will be Sophie, the Countess of Wessex and wife of Prince Edward, the youngest of the monarch.

Her Majesty believes that the confusions that the Duchess of Sussex sees and stirs about are the direct result of the “bad influences” that surround her, that is, of the best friends of her Hollywood times with whom the first-time mother-to-be still maintains frequent contact thanks to the wonders of the modern world.

Sophie, on the other hand, is considered discreet and averse to the spotlight, and still has the advantage of being a star in the art of dealing with the media, since she was PR executive before becoming a Windsor.

From the Queen’s calculations, therefore, she is the perfect companion for Meghan Markle, and do not be surprised if the two begin to be seen together from now on. Sophie, by the way, is a member of the royal family who participates most in public and related events.

The actress, Jessica Mulroney, who has hosted her baby shower in New York, along with Serena Williams, Priyanka Chopra, A while back, Amal Clooney. All very fine people, but unaccustomed to the art of appearing protocolary and never shine in excess, something that, if not taken care of well, ends up overshadowing the crown.

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