Why Does Taylor Swift Have Two Private Jets?

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Taylor Swift is one of the most famous and successful musicians today. To accommodate her busy schedule, tours and personal life she has 2 private jets, both Dessault Falcon jets.

In 2011 she bought a Dassault Falcon 900, that cost around $40 million. The airplane has Taylor Swift favorite number, 13, painted near the main cabin door. The jet’s registration, N898TS, is thought to be a reference to the year of her birth (1989, which is also the name of her latest album), the number of #1 singles she had at the time she purchased the jet (8) and her initials (TS).  

Swift’s Falcon 900 is registered to a company “S A T A, LLC” in Nashville, Tennessee, which shares a physical address with 13 Management, Swift’s management company. This company has another jet, a Dassault Falcon 50 that was apparently added acquired in 2012.

Tylor Swift Dassault Falcon 50

The2 jets may look similar because they both have 3 engines and were built by the same company that builds the Rafale fighter jet, but they actually have some differences, like:

  • The Falcon 900 is five feet longer than the Falcon 50, the Falcon 50
  • Swift’s Falcon 50 has a manufacture date of 1998, and is one of 352 Falcon 50’s produced between 1976 until 2008. On the other side her Falcon 900 was built in 1991, about 7 years older than the Falcon 50.
  • The Falcon 50 has a cruising speed of 520 miles per hour and a range of 3,450 miles, while Swift’s Falcon 900 has a greater cruising speed (590 miles per hour) and can travel longer legs (about 4,600 miles)
  • The Falcon 900 can accommodate up to 12 people, while the Falcon 50 can transport 9 passengers plus the crew.

With an estimated net worth above $200 million, owning and operating a pair of private aircraft is most assuredly not living beyond Swift’s means. Swift’s father, Scott, worked as a Merrill Lynch financial advisor for 30 years, and the Swift family has long been associated with society’s upper crust.Moreover, the singer is only 25 years old, meaning she has many earning years ahead of her.

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