Why Khloe Kardashian answered to a follower tweet is generating disappointment among followers?


Some Fans seems to be disappointed with how Khloe Kardashian tweet, where she answered to a tweet from one of her followers regarding the purchase she did of a Good American jean. As per the follower tweet, she said that she had to work 20 hours in order to afford a pair of jeans. Good American denim ranges from $159 to $189. Kardashian replied to the fan’s tweet saying, “Awwwwww this is so cute!!!! I’m so happy you enjoy them,” which many Twitter users felt was insensitive and tone deaf. Check the tweet below.

One person wrote, “not to sound like a hater but this actually upsets me!! someone had to work a stupid amount of hours to afford ONE pair of jeans. A millionaire thinks it’s “cute” that ppl have to calculate & think how many hours they have to work to afford little things.” Another Twitter user replied, “Sick. She doesn’t even realize how tone deaf this is bc she’s been rich her whole life lol. “Being poor is so cute! lol.”

But others defended Kardashian’s tweet. “Didnt see that in there at all, youre putting words in her mouth & how do you know what she meant? Khloe didnt force the girl to work extra hours or have desire to buy a pair. Many fashion items are even more expensive, its just life,” one fan said.

It is clear that the Kardashian follower that bought the jean is shocked, probably happy that Khloe Kardashian replied to her tweet.

On the other side, leaving the Tweet discussion aside, what we know is that Kardashian launched Good American in fall 2016 with business partner Emma Grede as a body positive, size-inclusive denim line.

In the about page of the Good American Khloe Kardashian said: “I think what was so crucial to Emma and I, is creating a designer denim that was still trendy and cool and edgy that went into a variety of sizes that for some reason, the market feels like they don’t need to produce, which is really unfair,” the Company which features denim ranging from size 0 to 24. “I used to be a girl that would walk into a boutique and they didn’t have my size of denim and I was really body shamed into being too overweight. I couldn’t fit into their denim,” she added. “So I’m fighting for all the real girls and all the girls with hips and curves, yes!”

She is clearly trying to promote the brand, and maybe she is using any trick she can find to do that. Is that bad? Not necesarily, it depends on how you see it.

So, let’s be clear, there are many ways that Khloe’s tweet can be read, two of those ways are:

  • For one side, she may just be congratulating the tweet from the follower that bought the pair of jeans. If this is the case, then perfect and you should move on.
  • From another point of view, maybe this may just be a marketing tactic that Khloe used to position one of her Companies. She just sized the opportunity that one of her followers brought to the table by answering the tweet in a public way she just exposes the brand and action done by a customer to all her follower base.

Probably the right way to answer the follower tweet should have been saying the same but in a personal message, that is not shared publicly with other people. I am sure Khloe knows this, but have her answer the tweet privately, no one else would have known about the brand she is probably promoting.

This rise the question if it is ethically a good practice to promote your own brand the way the Kardashians and other influencers/celebrities do, especially considering that some marketers that work at advertising agencies are using the same tactics. Not easy to answer, I am sure that there is a lot of discussion regarding this. Maybe in the next couple of years, we will leverage celebrities in a more transparent way and more importantly in a more ethical way.

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